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Leveraging the SEMI Network Through LinkedIn

One of our goals for the coming year is to leverage the experience of our prior SEMI participants--all of the students who have graduated from the program and gone on to very successful careers.  In addition, we would like to strengthen our ties to the various speakers, internship supervisors, and other professionals who have help us build SEMI into what it is today--the premier experience for NYC area college students interested in Finance.

One of the ways we are doing that is through a website called LinkedIn.


LinkedIn enables you to connect with and take advantage of your network--and extended network--of professional contacts.  Plus, it allows others that you trust a way to benefit from the contacts that you bring to the table in a safe, secure, and permissions-based way.

If you are a SEMI alumni, a mentor, an internship supervisor, or a SEMI event speaker, join our network by clicking here.  If you are already a LinkedIn member, attaching your profile to our SEMI group is easy.  Just remember to add to your bio how you were connected to SEMI.

If you are not yet a LinkedIn member, take some time to join, and  input a short bio and your job history.

Here's why:When you complete a LinkedIn profile and join our network, it will allow current and future SEMI students a chance to visualize all of the fantastic professionals that have participated in SEMI in some way.  They will be able to contact you (through the website only, until you accept their invitation and provide only the contact information you wish) for professional advice or perhaps to ask for some insight into your firm.  Its a way for you to contribute your experience in a very small, non-time consuming way.

If you want to provide even more value back to the program, and really take advantage of the LinkedIn network, you can invite other professionals to connect to you, and in turn, make those professionals available for introductions to SEMI students.  Its all permission based and all up to you.  So, for example, if I'm connected to Mary the Investment Banker at Goldman, and a SEMI student needs interviewing advice for Goldman, that student can see Mary's profile and ask me for an introduction to her.  The student needs an introduction, because Mary has her permissions set to only be contacted by people she knows and those who are connected to people she trusts.  With Mary's permission, I can pass that student on to her.

Joining our LinkedIn network enables every participant to receive lasting value through our extended network.  If you do choose to invite others to the network, we suggest writing to them outside of the site first, explaining what you use LinkedIn for, lest your LinkedIn generated invitation look like spam.

If you know of any SEMI participants, especially alumni and mentors, who are not connected to our group, please pass this blog post to them by copying this link and get them to join the network.

Join the SEMI LinkedIn network.

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