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We want to hear from you... What do business students need?

At NYSSA, we are thinking a lot about ways in which we could provide students enough resources to that they would like to join our professional society.  We think that the SEMI program is a great offering, but not everyone is going to be able to participate in it.

We'd like to hear from you, the students.  What are the "holes" in your career preperation?  What could a group of professionals in your industry to do help you?  What could NYSSA do for you that would make it worth you becoming a student member?

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November 10, 2005 in Students | Permalink


what i think is that business students are in great need for actual experience. it would be nice if compnies would provideinternships during the season as well as during the summer. those internships dont have to be paid or intensive as summer programs. just to give students feeling how it really looks like in business environment.
i trully believe that actuall experience is more important and beneficial to student than time he or she is spending at college. especially when you can combine college and internship so you can paralelly study and be in a place that your studying is trying to describe to you and prepare you for. by having a lecture and opportunity to apply or experience what you have just learned in real environment would greatly enhance the learning process.this way you can talk about and compare the theory(what you learn in the class) to how it practically works with people other than professor, with people that are actually applying that theory in reality. in textbooks everything seems to be simple and straight forward but we all know that is not like that at work. so by integrating two processes of learning (one in school and one in workplace) one would benefit in a sense that at the end of school she or he would be well prepared for entering the business world with a clearer picture of it.

Posted by: lekovic milos | Nov 13, 2005 6:33:24 PM

I think that participating in the internships is a great opportunity for students to learn about the field they want to pursue a career in. The experience students will get when working with a group of professionals will help them to be able to choose the specialization in one of the aspects of finance, also to undergo the experience in a real work environment. And of course students can also apply the knowledge they obtained in college.

Posted by: Elmira Razakova | Nov 18, 2005 11:56:06 AM

Having experienced how it works in other countries in Europe I am more and more convinced that the resources available to us (students) in the US are TRULY AMAZING.

However, one thing that I always thought about, and that I always wished existed, is a discussion group talking about the most recent financial topics that are going on globally. More precisely, what I have in mind is a weekly informal meeting with students and mentors in which we freely talk and discuss about the latest news that can be read on the FT or Wall Street Journal. This could be a fun and easy way to get many people involved in the "real world" topics.
For example, if the big topic of the week is about Ebay acquiring Skype, it would be cool during the meeting to discuss how that really works out, like “What does it mean to make an acquisition that is $1.3B cash + $1.3 stock + $1.5 earn-out = $4.1B ?? How about a leveraged buyout? Etc etc…

I know, these things can be learned within the years at work or maybe in some finance classes, however, I found many times that is much more interesting and easier to enjoy and remember something that was learnt outside class rather than in class.

Posted by: Marco Biava | Nov 25, 2005 9:13:08 PM

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